Turn around

I got my lens reversing gear today!

And I’m loving it!

Regular “turn lens around and mount it on camera”-ring. ~6 USD. What’s brilliant about it is: Regulating the magnification is done easily by just zooming. Then it ranges from about 1:2 magnification (a 22 millimeter subject fills the width of the image), to about 3:1 magnification (a 7 millimeter subject fills the width of the image).

I was lucky enough to have a visit as well. By this guy:

Which is a portrait of this fella:

Notice the redicilous shallow depth of field (the eyes are actually in focus, at least sort of. The rest of the head is not). It also shows the versatility of this setup – both pictures are taken with the same lens without any modification other than adjusting the magnification.

And then finally… M-m-m-monster lens!

55-250mm mounted on camera via an extension tube at around 50mm, the kit 18-55mm mounted in reverse on top of it. Also around 6 USD!

I’ve talked about this setup before, with a maximum magnification of around 13X, which means a ~1.5 millimeter subject fills the picture frame. However, it’s incredibly hard to use in so many ways so I doubt I will use this setup for much else than fun and games. The single lens setup is much more practical.

I’m looking forward to putting all this into practical use!

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