Someone might have catched that I’m slightly above average interested in computer programming and computer science in general. This page is dedicated to show off some of the projects I’ve been working on through the years. There’s more than this, the projects listed below are the ones I’ve been working on as a hobby or at the university. For natural reasons I can’t go on posting projects I’ve been working on in any of my jobs. The projects are sorted alphabetically, and I’ve linked to the archive file in each project’s title. The archive files are of type tar.gz, and can be extracted with many archivers like tar, winrar, tugzip and so on.

The Python projects require the Python interpreter to work. Some of the projects also require GTK / PyGTK. You may find those files here.

[project lang=”Python” title=”AdjectiveStory” url=””]AdjectiveStory is a program meant for entertainment. You might have heard of adjective stories. This is a Python program to automatically insert adjectives (in the correct form) into a text. It might produce hilarious results.[/project]

[project lang=”Python” title=”AudioConverter” url=””]This is a program/script used to convert FLAC or Musepack audio files to OGG. It uses existing encoders/decoders. Very useful for converting files for use with portable music players![/project]

[project lang=”C#” title=”Battlefield Launcher” url=””]The name should be self explainatory: This is a launcher for Battlefield 1942. It lets you load mods, skip intros, automatically join servers etc.[/project]

[project lang=”Brainfuck” title=”Brainfuck Hello World” url=””]This is a simple Hello World application written in Brainfuck. It’s more of a “Oh look, I’ve written a program in Brainfuck” than anything useful.[/project]

[project lang=”PHP” title=”Compo Management System” url=””]This is a complete CMS for organizing LANs and competitions. It’s written in PHP and supports, among other things: Creation and signup to LANs, creation of compos so the participants can sign on, teams etc. It’s used on a local LAN in my home town, Dokka-LAN:[/project]

[project lang=”Java” title=”DOT” url=””]DOT is the result from one of my projects at the university. The assignment was to create a game in Java. Check it out![/project]

[project lang=”C++” title=”Google Reader GUI” url=””]This is a C++ application for retrieval and reading of feeds from Google Reader. Unfortunately it’s not quite done, but it used to work. Of course, not anymore now that Google Reader is dead.[/project]

[project lang=”Javascript” title=”Gravistroids” url=”” screenshots=”×600.png”]Gravistroids is Asteroids, but with gravity. Hence the name. See for controls.[/project]

[project lang=”C++” title=”Hiage” url=”” screenshots=”||”]Hiage is my largest game project so far. It stands for “Hiage is a game engine”, a nice and recursive name. It’s a game engine written in C++, and one game is included: Mario. It’s not quite complete, as it only has 2 levels so far, but a level editor is included so just go nuts making more levels if you wish. Hiage uses OpenGL for rendering, supports lua scripting, animations etc.[/project]

[project lang=”Python” title=”iplookup” url=””]A program used to automatically upload a server’s (or similar) IP address to a MySQL server, and to fetch that IP at a client, which is then automatically added to the hosts file. This way the server is always accessible even though you don’t run some dynamic DNS service. It currently only works in Linux, but I’m sure it can be easily ported for use with Windows..[/project]

[project lang=”Java” title=”Minesweeper – Terminal edition” url=”” screenshots=””]This is a version of Minesweeper made for the terminal in Java.[/project]

[project lang=”PHP” title=”Project Shortcodes for WordPress” url=”” repository=””]Project Shortcodes are shortcodes used for listing projects in portfolios. Although it’s targeted towards software projects, it can be used for other kinds of projects.

This page you’re reading now is an example of how it looks.[/project]

[project lang=”Python” title=”Pytris” url=”” screenshots=””]This is Tetris made for the terminal made in Python & ncurses. It could have been called “Tetris” (“TErminal teTRIS”), but where’s the fun in that?[/project]

[project lang=”Python” title=”Show Announcer” url=”” screenshots=””]This is an application used to get a list of the latest episodes of various series released on It provides download links and automatic updates.[/project]

[project lang=”PHP” title=”zforum” url=””]A forum I made from scrach in PHP a whole lot of years ago. It’s not very secure, or very modern, but it works. It was mostly a project to prove to myself that I could do it.[/project]

[project lang=”Visual Basic” title=”Old Visual Basic projects” url=””]Here you will find the real old stuff. I made most of this when I first started programming. I won’t write a description of every project as there is quite a lot of them (and most of them are pretty much junk), but there’s a lot of original stuff in there.


  • Registration program for LANs
  • Fish Painter(!!!!)
  • Calculator
  • “The Best – Kunstig dumhet” (English: “The Best – Artificial Stupidity”). The gods know why I gave it that name, but it’s an entertaining program.
  • Leet’O’Matic! (Yrjan, those were the good old days)


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