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Sad April

This is a bit hard for me to write, and I’ve been putting it off, but I guess it’s time to do it. I guess I can’t always write cheery stuff, however much I’d like to.

Shauna is moving back to the US. It’s been in the works for a while now. The main reason is, well, she misses home. I can understand that, it’s not easy to just move across the world all of a sudden. But anyway, that’s how it is…

We started out as good friends. Although it’s very sad that she is leaving, we part as good friends. We’ve had so many good times in the last 3 years I’ve known her, and we’ve decided that we won’t throw that away. Actually she found a quote that I think is very fitting:

    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – Dr. Seuss (author)


This friday she will be flying home to California. I will also go for one week on vacation. We’ll spend a couple of days in San Fransisco, then drive through California via the Sequoia national park, and finally to San Diego to spend the last few days. I’ll be flying home from San Diego after a week. It might not be a very long vacation, but I think it’s worth it.

Of course I’ll miss her so much when she’s gone… but there’s no regrets.

I hate headings

As I promised in the last post, I got out the next morning and ran. It was incredibly hard, since I really was in a bad shape. But I did it, and the next morning, and I’ve tried to keep it up (although not every single day). And I’m noticing improvements already (I think it’s easy to notice when you go from incredibly shape to actually excersising :P ). I really hope I can keep it up, and not suddenly stop and get demotivated. I’ll just have to try. I think this can be quite useful when I resume my tenshi tsume training this week.

Now I need to get in the shower and get my arse up to school. Untill next time… *wave* :)

PS: If you’re trying to save money, have a look at (in norwegian). It has some awsome tips. :P

- HAL 9001

I, Breadbaker

Today I tried something I’ve never tried before: Baking bread! It actually worked, and the breads works as intended (that is, they taste good, and they’re bug free (as far as I can tell)). Anyway, if you have free time on your hands, there’s a tip on how to keep you busy for a while. I used this recipe: (In Norwegian), in case anyone wondered.

Something else I’ve decided to do is to get in better shape. So I make this promise in public: Tomorrow morning I’m gonna get out and run. If I don’t, please do hit me with a noodle pack.

And at last, here’s today’s “Lookalike”:


… he still is awsome, though.

Vacation time!

It’s finally here! Today I had my last exam (Programming Languages), and I even think it went quite well. And what does that mean? Vacation time, baby! I can’t wait to get home for a few weeks. My train leaves about 8:30 tomorrow – and about 5 hours after that I’ll be home with my mom and sister. Later, somewhere in between christmas eve and new years eve I’m heading to good ol’ Dokka, with a few days with my father and old friends. I look forward to seeing you all soon! :) Although I bet it’s freezing there… *brrr*.

On another subject: I went to see see Avatar (in 3D of course) today. Man, it was such an epic movie! I loved every tiny bit of it! I watched it tonight, and it was so worth it! :)

The last week or so I’ve worked on a new little project. It’s a program to list all the new episodes of various series released on It’s written in Python, I’ll make it available on my programming page after I’m done writing this blog entry. Anyone interested are free to use it, of course. :) Below is a screenshot for those who are interested.

Show Announcer

Show Announcer

Last I’d like to say Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone! I hope you’ll all have a good one! :D

Gingerbread house and exams

It’s soon christmas. That entails that it’s soon gingerbread time. Actually, yesterday we made a gingerbread house here. We’re fortunate enough to have a construction engineer living here, so the result was quite awsome:

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house

To change the subject completely, I finished my first exam yesterday (5th) in Operating Systems. I think it went quite well. Next one is 8th, 10th and finally 18th. Then I’m going home on vacation, and it’s going to be great. And just to be completely random: I love Chrome. With the recent support for extensions, and a usable Linux version, I use it as my default browser for the time being.

One thing I missed this weekend was Dokka-LAN. I really wish I could be there, but hey, that’s life I guess. :P  I hope everyone had fun!

Also, if you want to follow this blog in any way, feel free to use the RSS feed ( :)

Tenshi Tsume and Chrome OS

It’s about time I updated this blog. I don’t have a lot of news, but there’s at least some.

Some may have picked up that I’ve joined Tenshi Tsume, a martial arts group at NTNUI that is a mix of various martial arts (mainly Jiu Jitsu though). On Saturday I got my yellow belt. The grading was tough as hell, I’ve never seen anything like it. I won’t go into details here on this site in case future members reads it (it’s a little secret so people don’t know what to expect), but believe me when I say I’ve never been as exhausted as when I was done. But I got through it, and passed with good margin. :D

In other news, I just tried out Google Chrome OS on VirtualBox. It doesn’t run very smoothly, but I don’t expect anything else when running it on a virtual machine.


I’m really looking forward to when it’s done – maybe even I will buy a netbook then. :P Though I see that some of the features they were very proud of (like the application tabs) will come in Firefox 4.0.

Exams period…

Oh yes, it’s the dreaded time of the semester. Exams are coming up in a couple of weeks, and I have so much to do before that. The course Operating Systems is the first one on the agenda. It’s an easy course, but a lot to read nonetheless.

Thankfully this also mean it’s soon christmas which brings 3 weeks of vacation, visits to old friends and family and awsome food. “Always look on the bright side of life!”

On a side note, I just ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It’s gonna be awsome!